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  1. I used the dupli-color caliper Red paint you used in the comparison but I accidentally had excess brake fluid dripping down from the piston area and it peeled off the paint so easy. Does the G2 paint resist the brake fluid due to the hardening additive that it includes? It would totally suck if i use that amd in the future when i do a brake job having the paint come off

    • ✅ I used the yellow G2 on my truck & it looks awesome… Been on for 3 years & still looks new… (very shiny) This is copied straight from the instruction pamplet… >➡ I QUOTE >➡ “G2 has complete faith in its specially formulated paint and offers a ????% Producut Performance Guarantee… If at any time during the life of your car the paint should flake or chip off, simply provide proof of purchase and proof of failure to G2 and we will replace the kit at no cost”… ???? I would highly recommend the G2 to anybody… ➖➖➖➖➖ ❌ I used the RED Dupli-Color kit on my wife’s car & it went on very easy but WAS A VERY FLAT DARK RED… The box & can showed a much brighter shiny red… I sprayed a clear gloss on top to try & brighten it up but didn’t seem to help at all… I was not happy with the end results at all… It has been on for 2 years & HAS HELD UP WELL but I’m replacing it soon with G2… Hope my experience helps y’all…..

  2. can any of this products be use on any on brake line brake hose or ant kind of hose also will it damage original brake lines thank you so much

  3. G2 is not a good product. I used it and had nothing but issues, ended up going to the local auto paint store and had then mix me up a paint that worked great.

  4. Hey Daniel,
    It’s an excellent recommendation from your side.

    Just a little heads up. I use the Rust-Oleum caliper spray on my truck. It’s durable and great value for the money. The spray can is handy, and it covers the right amount of area. This is my all-time favorite caliper spray.

    Recently, a friend of mine was looking for a recommendation on caliper spray, and I am going to share this article with him – he’ll love it.

  5. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for creating this guide. Painting your break caliper is one of those “little things” that can make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. I appreciate that you took the time not to just to sell us on the positives of these products, but you also pointed out some of the flaws as well.

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