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  1. Time to update this article! The new PUTCO RED Blade LED tailgate bar (Part # 92010) now has a module with it and works successfully with Ford F-150 blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, etc and won’t put your truck into Tow/Haul mode (the old one triggered that mode because they were using the trailer light connector to provide power to the lightbar). It’s available in 48″ and 60″ sizes.

  2. I have a 1964 Plymouth Valiant convertible. I cannot fit a center brake light because of the lack of space between the tonneau cover for the top when it is lowered and the trunk lid. I thought that the LED tailgate light bar might work, just above the bumper. I could fit up to a 54″ light bar. However, the trunk key lock in the center of the panel above the bumper, restricts the height of the bar. None of the products reviewed here provide the height measurement for the bars. The maximum height that the car has is about 2″ between the bumper and the lock..

    No LED bulbs are available for the tail lights on my car. The car does have LED backup lights.

  3. I just ordered by 2nd 60″ Opt7 Triple LED for my LBZ Dually. This was with hesitation because the current one made it just under (3) years then some of the bulbs started to burn out (common problem with ALL of these kits). I do like this bar however and they now offer a full “no questions” type replacement warranty that seems worth the $15 add-on. Just wish these bars could get the burned out bulb problem under control.. I figure folks should reasonably expect something close to the advertised 50,000 hours! (At least should get (3) years out of these bars at a MINIMUM.) ANyways, if this bar does not work out, will go for the Putco Blade…….but right now will stay with the OPT7. Also, my experience with their service has been very good, contrary to some of the reviews out there.

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