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  1. I own the Smittybilt X2o 10000 pound winch with wire rope. . It has been an excellent performer and has many recoveries under its belt in the past 2 years. . I didn’t think it would outperform the Warn winch and found that quite interesting and refreshing. While the warn Zeon is made in the United States. Their other winches (warn) are made in similar factories to that of Smittybilt and the like. Thanks for a well-written article. .

    • I have been looking for a reason to buy the Smittybilt gen2 X20 over the Warn Zeon due to budget and now i Found one.

  2. Can u buy an extended warranty for the warn or the smitty built . Because I have the 3 of the badlands I purchased for have the price of warn and the smitty and they have had a ruff life under water and covered in mud and have never fail me plus the warranty I bought covers the whole winch lady to me at the store even if I scratch it bring it back and they will replace it .

  3. I have the new xrc gen3 12000lb winch. I have used it 5 times in a month, mounted on a trailer, the fairlead sucks it is not wide enough the cable will not go to the edge of the drum under load, and I pulled my steel cable off the drum the rewind it and the cheap copper eye that they use to hold the cable with a little screw broke off and had to repair it, not impressed for a 500+ dollar winch

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