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  1. this article was very helpful . I was worried about gas leaks . and Quality of the products
    we had to choose from. thanks..

  2. I just purchased a Granatelli Motor Sports Cutout System. I’m in love with this thing. I have a 2019 Rebel Dodge with the 5.7 Hemi. This unit is so cool it works in concert with my Dodge HomeLink on the sun visor. The parts are 304 stainless with a fully adjustable V-band clamp so I can point the exh output in the exact direction i want it. Prior to this Dodge i drove a Jeep Rubicon with the Granatelli cutout as well. I welded it on the driver side read section on the pipe right before it entered the muffler.. After 60,000+ miles, driving under water, through mud and sand and everything else you can imagine I never had trouble and it always sealed perfectly.

  3. I’ve heard there may be a relatively new company in Texas that makes the best electric cutouts but I can’t find anything about the company especially since I don’t know the company name. Would like information.
    Thank you.
    Tom Boutelle

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