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  1. I am glad that I came across such an amazing article. Thanks for sharing such a great article.Such great tips and information you have shared with us. Engine paints are very essential for the engines for preventing corrosion and to increase its performance. Thanks for listing down the paints,

  2. standard manifold and header paints are rated for up to 1,400 degrees and come in gray, silver and black colors. Advanced internal thermal coatings will withstand a whopping 1,800 degrees of heat.
    Eastwood engine paints withstand 650 degrees. Therefore engine & engine parts paint with higher temps are a better paint.

  3. I’m thinking of spraying my Kawasaki 1100 engine in orange,
    What I need to no is, is there a prober primar to use as I wish to colour code the engine the same as the bike i.e I want to use car paint.

  4. I’m rebuilding a 1951 Willys M38, The color is olive drab, I’m having a hard time finding a high temp paint for the engine, Can I use a synthetic enamel? Or is there a company that makes the high temp in the color I need? Thanks, Danny

    • Some automotive suppliers to body shops can make you something, but ot will cost you! I did a 57 chevy years ago and did everything to last a long time! I love ppg products and there expensive, but did the block with a coating of dp 40 epoxy, it will knock you out without a pro filter mask and make you sick! But it’s the best base you can have, I used durethane polyurethane the toughest they make, takes 118 inch pounds to chip it a d is graffiti proof! Most aircraft stripper wont even dull it! So shot the engine in a PSA airline orange! Its had plenty of dry time before it was fired up! Nothing fazed that paint! They can make colors you pick from the paint charts, find something close, they have computor guns that can scan the original color and make it in most paints and they do have a heat additive it its necessary! Durethane paint is any chemical proof! I’ve seen headers red hot on it like on heads and it didnt discolor! If your experimental get por-15 and mix some different colors together to achieve what you want! Por -15 is 45 bucks a pint! One pint will paint a engine from high solids, but has to be brushed on with good flow brush! Long dry time. Most engines dont get that hot but around heads and exhaust it needs to be tough and chemical proof.

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