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  1. Hello Daniel I read your article and I would like to add a few things to it. I’ve been involved in restoring cars for 40 years, and industrial coatings for the past 30. I would like to give you a history lesson of these paint over rust products. In the early 70s Mobay chemical company developed a bridge primer for marginally prepared services, and over lead paint. It only came in one color, silver as their technical department explained to me; like it or lump it. The principal behind this primer was that non leafing aluminum flake would cut off the oxygen by creating a labyrinth in multiple coats this primer would do an unbelievable 8000 hours in salt spray the resin which was moisture activated would absorb the moisture in the steel and form a completely watertight seal. No moisture no oxygen, rust can’t form and existing rust cant continue That was the principal behind the development of this coating It found its way to the antique car hobby in 1978 Itwas sold byStan Coleman supplies and it was sold as a rust sealer metal filler it only came in silver.When Stanley died and the company was bought out. The new owner knew nothing about paints for cars and as he said to me they don’t want silver they want black there painting the bottom of their cars. At that time I was selling this rust sealer and noticed problems with the silver turning green in the sun, the clear rusting on clean steel and the black also experience re-rusting. I did a small show in New York State in 1989 and met the owner of the Sterling paint company. It looked at my displays and said this is similar to the Mobay bridge primer but it’s not. Call Mobay technical department and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.I called them the next morning I got quite an education every time I asked the guy about the black he said that’s a contaminant how did you get the pigment into the coating without it setting up. I replied PTS I scavenger to dri the pigment, therefore no setting up from the pigment.I can’t believe I was telling Mobay tech department how to make the black. I got a can of the silver primer and painted the front of the 38 Packard. Which was pitted along the top. On the third coat the pity was gone, the surface felt like sandpaper, paint would stick to it and it didn’t turn green in sunlight. That’s when I introduced the Master series coating line. In 1989. This coating system was part of what’s titled the three coat polyurethane system two coats of silver one coat of color. Pittsburgh Homestead high-level bridge has two coats of silver one coat of AG 111 blue at the end of 14 years less than 5% corrosion. Coal-fired generating plants use this on their conveyor systems I will go 20 to 30 year service life Oh by the way the AG 111 is the toughest chassis paint you will find was formulated specifically for the New York City subway cars .will do 90 days immersion in acetone I’ve spent the last 30 years trying to get this info out had some success but never had the advertising money that the rest of them had. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I hope this did not put you sleep.

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    • The master series coating line sells the original formulation of the silver bridge primer. The AG 111 formulated for the New York City subway is a topcoat that is your most durable topcoat. it goes on nicely with a brush. It is sunlight stable and has much more chemical and acid resistance than the one part Blacks.

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