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  1. I have used both products if I can get it lockley what ever is available is what I will use at this time I’m using chassis saver with good results I did get a can that was not up to par as I think it was not made right but that was only one can also when sealing the can back up after use add nitrogen to it and the product will not skin over as fast.

  2. Is chassis saver toxic like por 15 – i want to coat the underside of my fj55 – but don’t want to risk anyones health if I end up having to weld or anything under there later.

  3. FYI Chassis Saver is toxic. Read the label and SDS! I have used both and POR15 always comes out better even on bare AKA new steel. And yes anyone painting anything should alway prep the surface or you are wasting your time and money

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